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The agreement to use the TIPBx products and services and any other TIPBx® features, technologies, and/or functions 

TIPBx's commitment to protecting and safeguarding your personal information.

A description of the free tipping service.

Agreements and licenses with 3rd parties, companies, agencies, or TIPBx partners.





TIPBx is not charging any transaction fees, monthly service fees or unloading and loading fees for its tipping services at this time. We want you to try our service without any worries.

We've been asked by our bank, our processor, our colleagues, and by other TIPBx account holders. "How much are the fees?" And, while you may feel inclined to send us a little bonus tip, rest assured, that your generosity is appreciated, and your continued use and sharing of the TIPBx app is all we need. Instead, please share the love with the people around you who have provided attentive, hard-working service to you. TIPBx hears about all of your generous efforts without collecting a fee for the service.

If you want to know specific details about any other fees and charges that affect service, please check our Terms of Use

LIMITS (last updated September 05, 2017)

The TIPBx transaction limits are currently set to the following:

  • Maximum tip is $300 per day, in aggregate and individually. That means you can complete one tip for $300 or many tips that total $300 or less. 
  • Maximum tip is $3,000 per week, in aggregate. That means you can complete many tips that total $3,000 or less.
  • Maximum tip is $3,000 per month, in aggregate. That means you can complete many tips that total $3,000 or less.

The TIPBx load and unload limits are currently set to the following:

TIPBx is starting its tipping service in limited areas and with a limited audience. While this slow roll of the service is occurring, the maximum amount that you may add to your account or tip in a single instance from your card or bank account is: $20 per transaction.

  • Minimum load is $5 per instance, and maximum load is $300 per day, in aggregate.   
  • Minimum unload is $5 per instance, and maximum unload is $300 per day, in aggregate.

As you become a valued tipper and tipee with a mature history, we will increase these limits.

Services & Licenses

Services & Licenses


TIPBx uses technology and services from partners and 3rd party service providers. These providers offer their services to help us create the TIPBx tipping services and help us protect your data and personally identifiable information (PII). 

TIPBx, under license and agreement with our payment processor, security vendors, and our bank, securely store and transmit your sensitive data. TIPBx also engages in technology service agreements with several other vendors for hosting, and transmission of its technology stack.

TIPBx is a marketplace, connecting Tipper and Recipient.